About olejewelrydesigns

You and I love jewelry – it’s candy for the eyes! Indulge yourself… Be imaginative: Ole jewelry designs came up as a medley of artistic skill and inspiration from family & friends from all over the world. Be considerate and versatile: The inspiration comes from ancient traditions of jewelry making in Macedonia, world-class design from Italy, and the natural wonders of Canada. Each piece is created simple yet chic so it complements any ensemble. To bind the art and science portions of the designer’s mind, an idea was born to donate part of the proceeds from sales for research. Be supportive: The artist supports Vancouver’s great resources and nature driven minds by using supplies from local bead stores in combination with recycled materials. Discover: Imagination is welcomed should you like to customize your order.

Meet the designers and 25% off at Fine Finds Aug 27-29




Spring/Summer events

Spring brings new designs and exciting events for Ole Jewelry Designs…

❀ BRING ON THE BLING AT FINE FINDS is back! Come for the 25% off jewelry and meet the local designers behind your favourite pieces. Ole will be there on Sunday April 7th – come to get your new spring bling as well sign up for the next Ole ring draw coming up end of April!

❀ Ole free ring draw – end of April – sign up to the mailing list to enter!

❀ Ole Jewelry Designs gift for mom (and yourself) at the Great Canadian Craft Fair Spring Fling event – May 11th and 12th at the Vancouver Convention Center.

spring flower

spring flower. All pictures on site property of Ole Jewelry Designs